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SOS Marine Services - Gold Coast Boat Inspections

From as little as $280.00 get the piece of mind that you haven't bought a lemon !

Are you thinking of buying a boat ?
​Before you part out with your hard earned cash
think about getting a​ Pre Purchase Boat Inspection​

Pre Purchase Boat Inspections


and even then many new boats can have problems...


Before signing any boat sales agreement it's wise to have the vessel thoroughly inspected by a professional. SOS Marine Services trained technicians can help you know more about what to expect from your intended purchase by carrying out a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection that can save you $$$ in the long run.  Whether it be an outboard powered runaboat or a large diesel engines cruiser we can put you mind at ease that you won't be buying a lemon.


There are 2 types of Pre-Purchase Inspections:

1.  DRY - the boat is inspected on its trailer, or in dry storage, or lifted out of water at nearby marina slipway.

2. WET - the boat is in the water (as in the case of permanently moored vessels)


We can do both (Dry & Wet), inspecting the boat on the trailer/slipway and then taking it for a test run. When arranging a Pre-Purchase Inspection we advise that you arrange for a test run with the vendor as most problems (boat handling, performance, trim operation, water leaks and overheats, etc..) can be identified ONLY on the water whilst under normal loaded operating conditions. These arrangements must be made by the seller and purchaser, we will not be responsible for arranging out of water lifts and/or sea trials.


You will receive a full written report about the condition of the boat, trailer and motor whether it be an outboard, or an inboard or sterndrive (if lift/out has been arranged), diesel or petrol (see some samples below). We will also give you a list of the repairs needed to be done and a cost guide so you can negotiate a better deal with the vendor if the purchase conditions are on "as is, where is" basis.


We can also carry out an annual 50 Point Boat Safety Check.... for your own piece of mind to ensure safer boating for you and your family. Available for Mercruiser & Volvo Penta  Sterndrive or Inboard powered boats and all makes of Outboard engines.






Pre-Purchase Boat Inspections Gold Coast
Boat Pre Purchase Inspections - Gold Coast

Below sample reports and reporting format are © copyright of SOS Marine Services 2012

Gearbox Report                                                 50 Point Safety Check                                               Generator Report
​ Outboard/Boat                                                                Sterndrive                                                              Inboard Engine
  Trailer Report                                                                     Report                                                                              Report
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